Unity 3d AI lead


MOBA — multiplayer online battle game. Players battle each other in a single-serving 5-on-5 team battle with hero characters and gain rewards after that battle, which can be used to upgrade and improve their characters, forming the meta progression of the game. To finish the ultimate goal, the player will have to destroy the enemy's base to win the game. Qualifications: Trained in computer science, engineering, or game development Specialized knowledge of artificial intelligence and its future in gaming Equally creative and critical thinker Strong intuition for how artificial intelligence works Experienced in writing algorithms Ability to combine computer programming with human insight Advanced problem-solving skills Familiar with the game production pipeline process Passion for video games and experience with gaming Highly skilled in innovation Understanding the psychologies of characters and how they are likely to behave Knowledge of automation scripts Familiar with neural networks and deep learning Responsibilities: Liaising with designers and developers to devise an AI plan Setting patterns and parameters for the rules of the game Creating a framework for artificial emotions and ideas within non-playable characters Researching and developing AI elements that will best enhance the game Creating procedures and production documents Working to tight schedules and keeping on budget Assisting animators and programmers with AI requirements Enhancing the gameplay experience for users Collaborating with game testers to identify bugs and effect changes based on feedback Writing custom code and AI tools to expand the game Brainstorming with designers, animators, and developers on AI techniques throughout the process Developing prototypes for testing

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