Senior Web backend developer


MOBA — multiplayer online battle game. Players battle each other in a single-serving 5-on-5 team battle with hero characters and gain rewards after that battle, which can be used to upgrade and improve their characters, forming the meta progression of the game. To finish the ultimate goal, the player will have to destroy the enemy's base to win the game. Qualifications: 5+ years experience in web backend development Experience in creation of a scalable database Extensive knowledge and understanding of core web technologies Experience deploying a web application Extensive software development experience Extensive knowledge of web application architecture Ability to create and deploy complex web applications Excellent communication skills, both written and oral Demonstrated ability to research problems by using external resources A passion for video games Responsibilities: Architect the server side of our on-line games Architect the interface between the game server and game client Design Highly Loaded Systems Make sure all systems are performant and scale well Solve deployment, performance and security problems Read and interpret game and technical design documents Write technical design documents Produce schedules and meet agreed upon deadlines while maintaining quality Collaborate with designers to make game designs on-line friendly Fix and classify bugs from the bug database Collaborate with artists, designers and programmers Keep producers and Technical Director apprised of progress and status

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