Фахівець з безпеки (з англійською)


Locations: Odessa plus 50% travelAPPLICATION REQUIREMENT:Mercy Corps places a high value on data privacy. As part of the application process, candidates are kindly requested to submit a consent form regarding the processing of their information and personal data for this recruitment and for future relevant vacancies.About Mercy CorpsMercy Corps is a leading global organization dedicated to the belief that a better world is possible. Operating in over 40 countries, we forge partnerships to implement innovative solutions, helping people overcome adversity and foster resilient communities. We are committed to creating lasting impact today and in the future.Program / Department SummaryIn light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, a significant number of people have been displaced across the country. As the situation continues to evolve, Mercy Corps is actively engaged in providing support and expanding its presence in Ukraine. We are involved in various partnerships, emergency response activities, and initiatives focused on cash, information protection, and other critical areas within this dynamic environment.General Position SummaryAs a Security and Safety Officer South, you will play a crucial role in our risk management systems, ensuring business continuity and prioritizing the well-being of our staff. Your essential job responsibilities include:Essential Job ResponsibilitiesSecurity Management:Take responsibility for the security management of the assigned geographic area under the supervision of the line management.Ensure implementation of Mercy Corps global and Ukraine's minimum safety and security standards applicable to the geographic area.Develop, implement, and disseminate the Local Security Management Plan, area-specific Contingency Plans, and area-specific mitigation and prevention measures (as required by risk assessments) under the supervision of the line management.Monitor adherence to Mercy Corps Ukraine Response security management procedures.Conduct security risk assessments, including visits to operational areas of interest such as offices, accommodation, storage, distribution, and training sites.Analyze the context and developments related to the security situation, including ongoing risk assessments (including joint risk assessments with applicable team members).Be prepared to respond and deploy on ad-hoc security trips with short notice to support incident management.Proactively monitor the security management system and provide recommendations for changes or improvements.Proofread translations of area-specific security documents.Training & Orientations:Deliver Security and Safety briefings to MCUA staff and visitors.Organize Security and Safety training for MCUA staff in accordance with the Training Program.Conduct in-house training and awareness sessions for MCUA staff as necessary and in accordance with the Training Program.Identify external providers of Security and Safety-related trainings available in the area of responsibility and liaise with them when needed.Suggest changes to the Training Program as needed.Inform staff in the area of responsibility about abrupt changes in the context in accordance with MCUA established procedures.Liaison with local stakeholdersEstablish and maintain effective communication with security staff from other INGOs and NGOs in the same area of responsibility, building a network of contacts, and increasing awareness of security practices used by other organizations.Communicate with military and law enforcement representatives in the area of operation during field trips to ensure MCUA's access.Ensure MCUA is well connected and actively participate in relevant interagency and security coordination mechanisms in the area of responsibility, attending INGO and other interagency security coordination meetings.Represent Mercy Corps at external security meetings.Staff movement securityApprove staff movement in accordance with the MCUA established procedures.Track staff movement in the area of responsibility in accordance with the MCUA established procedures.Work with operations to track staff location and account for staff in the area of responsibility.Report violations of security and safety procedures and rules by the MCUA staff or visitors.Report and manage incidents:Serve as the primary focal point for incident reporting in the area of responsibility.Ensure all security and safety incidents have been filed and reported.Office Safety/Security Equipment Management:Responsible for ordering, tracking, checking, and issuing security equipment, including regular quality and maintenance checks.Perform regular assessments of the MCUA premises, including the office, guest house, and other areas, and identify necessary safety measures.Ensure appropriate access control to the MCUA premises.Conduct basic office safety drills as required by minimum standards.Originate procurement of security equipment in accordance with MCUA standards.Team CoordinationShare best practices with other SSOs and department members. Attend weekly team meetings and actively share lessons learned and needs.Coordinate with, report to, and seek approvals from the Senior Safety & Security Officer, Security Manager, and Director of Security & Humanitarian Access as required for specific tasks.Proactively seek personal professional improvement opportunities and discuss the personal improvement plan with the Line Manager.Accountabilities:Mercy Corps team members are expected to support all efforts towards accountability, specifically to our beneficiaries and to international standards guiding international relief and development work. This includes actively engaging beneficiary communities as equal partners in the design, monitoring, and evaluation of our field projects.Supervisory Responsibility: NoneReports Directly To: The country Senior Security and Safety OfficerWorks Directly With: Operations team, the Senior Management Team – Program Departments, IT/Information, Senior Safety/Security Officer, Security and Safety Manager, People’s TeamAccountability: Accountable to Mercy Corps Procurement Policy and Procedures. Maintains accurate electronic and hardcopy files of procurement file and other relevant files.Minimum Qualification & Transferable SkillsProfessional and Approachable Demeanor: Demonstrates a professional and approachable demeanor in interactions with colleagues, stakeholders, and beneficiaries.Problem-solving and Bureaucratic Skills: Possesses strong problem-solving abilities to navigate bureaucratic hurdles and facilitate program activities for Mercy Corps throughout the region.Ability to Work Under Pressure: Thrives in high-pressure situations and can effectively manage tasks and meet tight deadlines.Diplomatic Approach: Adheres to Mercy Corps protocols on representation and reporting, demonstrating diplomacy in all interactions.Fluency in Ukrainian and English: Required fluency in both Ukrainian and English languages for effective communication.Independence and Initiative: Capable of working independently, taking initiative, and demonstrating proactive behavior.Good Organizational Skills: Exhibits excellent organizational skills, ensuring efficient management of tasks and responsibilities.Cultural Sensitivity: Works effectively with an ethnically diverse team in a sensitive environment, demonstrating cultural sensitivity and inclusivity.Teamwork and Leadership: Demonstrates the ability to work collaboratively within a team, while respectfully following instructions from leadership. Success FactorsTrustworthy and Professional Demeanor: Demonstrates professionalism, confidentiality, and non-judgmental behavior, earning the trust of the entire team.Understanding of Programming Modalities: Possesses a solid understanding of programming modalities and priorities, aligning security and safety practices accordingly.Effective Team Player: Collaborates closely with the Operations team, Crisis Analytics, and other departments, fostering a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.Strong Decision-making Skills: Capable of managing a daily top-down go/no-go process efficiently and effectively, ensuring timely and informed decision-making.Adaptability in Rapidly Changing Contexts: Plays a key role in the Security Risk Assessment process, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability in rapidly evolving situations.Curiosity and Program Alignment: Values curiosity and shows genuine interest in understanding the program objectives, going beyond military or law enforcement experience.Commitment to Humanitarian Principles: Possesses a solid understanding of humanitarian principles and demonstrates a strong commitment to following them.Effective Communication Skills: Demonstrates excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to convey information clearly and concisely.Analytical Thinking: Exhibits strong analytical thinking skills, with the ability to assess complex situations, identify risks, and propose effective solutions.Conflict Management: Possesses strong conflict management and resolution skills, promo

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